Why is it that a person like “Ann Coulter” have so much to say about nothing? It have come to my mind that she think she know about blacks peoples from her chestnuts of comment,you see I’m a black Republicans and don’t like the idea that she suppose to be a talk head for some racist republicans who were part of the south Democratic party from the old south when they were out burning cross’s back in the old days. And as far as some working class white they are the one who sit around why more of us do all the work if that was not the case then why don’t they get in the field while the sun is hot? They forget that if it were not for blacks,jews and latin immigration some of them would not be at the top! As far as a nut case like “Allen West” he just a member of a clan call “moreteasir peoples” that right that what we call peoples like them that you have in your comment about “what has Obama done for blacks”.Beside what can you do beside putting your foot in your mouth without think? Thank to people’s like Chris Matthews I’m very happy with what he is doing,beside blacks have die for this country and work hard just like everyone else. And beside name a country who pay for a war with a credit card? 




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