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Florida’s Brithday

April 19, 2011

There one more things that we should remember and that this month is Florida birthday, we are the oldest in the United States of American and believe me I’m so happy to be born here. We will soon pass the Rome state history,and thank to the Native American for letting us live in such a beautiful state, even if the Spanish people come before my peoples the Blacks American we still give thanks to God for have us here. Even if the other states don’t seen to want recognized us we Florida’s people think that heritage do in deed need to be celebrated, sorry that Salem witch hunt was up north but our days were here and will always be here, our presence put us among the best in the south. So for these who don’t know about Florida you can check it in Google search, happy birthday Florida!


Drilling on Mother Earth

October 11, 2008

It seen that most young peoples want o cont the old idea of drilling for oil, the big oil company’s have already been in power for the last 100 years and one would think that with all this element that we have on earth we would try to teach our young one a better way for alternative and renewable energies. I don’t know about you, but I like the birds, fishes and all the things that God gave us to take care of, just like we take of the baby’s and the old peoples of this world, with all this brain power that we have I know we can change from the old to the new,even if it 40s years to late.

Pakistan Protest!

October 11, 2008

Well look who crying, are is they playing the crying game? So you want to try and tell us, that you will not go after the  outlaw’s of the world that is hiding behind woman and children? Well here is a public pronouncements for the anti-activist that don’t want to do the right thing,  we will go after those that is doing what God don’t want evil men to do by help those that are unable and unwilling to hunt down people’s that want to cont to put fore evil with their idea’s, if you read your bible you will know that there were a war in heaven and evil was cast out, for us to have a better world we have to get rid of the one’s who want to kill  other people’s so understand this whole world amazement that as free peoples of the world we will hunt down those who hurt other peoples because of they idea on how the world should be, with everything God give us,Freedom!

The Race is turning to a point of anger.

October 11, 2008

Well now that summer is over with and everyone have picket side, we are now in the state of mind where there are a few people’s that will come out and try to make thing’s bad for other peoples. Before I make a point about any thing’s in this world let me say this that I’m a Black Republican an be live in the Almighty God, it something that I LEARN some 40s years ago. Now about this anger where some of the re-publican’s are getting to the point of having raw anger are the kind that just miss the whole picture, but if you step back ad look at the world for the last 12 years you would see that this was coming. Not that I’m a supporter of the democrat party because of the talk they have given to the blacks people’s with the plantation idea’s that were in the south when I was born, but when you right you are right. There are a lot of thing’s wrong with both party’s because of what was given to us when the peoples with their idea’s went to the light, so we are ones that are here and have to make a better life the for rest of us that are still here on earth. When I begin to love my country back in the year of 1968 to 2008 it was a personal matter between me,my mother and God. Have always support Presidential race because of our history. Being black may have been a little hard but we are here, I was in the United State Army when John McCain war a P.OW. so there is a bond there, now that I have begin to see that some thing’s have change and is going to change by a black man running for president is another bond to have, but the point that need to be makes this there are a lot of good men who given their life for this country to have he kind o freedom’s that w have and it would be very good that all this cont on a good note from all us. Both condition are very good people in my eyes so that no problem’s for me, but think about how a few bad people’s that make thing’s bad terrorist,treason,and traitor who have put the main street people’s in this dog fight we will have work together to bring down this high cost of living that the few have put up on the world, with all this wisdom and knowledge that God have given us we can do better.

Hello world!

February 13, 2008

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