University of Cincinnati Cop Indicted in Killing of Unarmed Black Man

July 29, 2015

Another shooting that on the front line of news.

Little Known Black History Fact: Lani Guinier

July 9, 2015

There are alway very good black peoples everywhere.

Black America Web

Lani Guinier is best known as the first African-American woman to make tenure at the prestigious Harvard Law School. Today, Ms. Guinier is the Bennett Boskey Professor of Law at the institution, and has devoted much of her career to a variety of causes and how they relate with the laws of the land. But she is also remembered for the 1993 controversy that derailed her nomination to a high-ranking federal position.

Guinier was born April 19, 1950 in New York City to a Black Panamanian father, Ewart Guinier, who was raised in Jamaica, and a White Jewish mother, Eugenia Paprin. Mr. Guinier was one of the first two Black students admitted into Harvard College in 1929. He eventually had to drop out of the school, but returned there as a professor in the late ’60’s.

Guinier graduated from Radcliffe College in 1971, and Yale Law School. She was a clerk…

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The True History Behind Cersei’s Game of Thrones Walk of Shame

June 15, 2015

When you look at history some of the things are true and most are word of mouth.

Palmer, Thorn, and SABR

June 15, 2015

Palmer, Thorn, and SABR.


June 15, 2015

There come a time when we have a lot of it or just a little of it but this day is a day from the past about a town call Africa-town,Ala which was forgotten from black history. It was a town that was make from a collection of shotgun houses, for those who are not in the know of what a shotgun house is,well I remember my mother show me one when she went home in Ga for out summer vacation some years ago when I was young,they are a row of houses sometime make of wood and some were of brick.But the point I trying to put follow is that everyone should read the history of africantown,ALA : it will make you think how big company of paper mill,oil company shipyard can harm a group of people.

The Latest On Prison Escape: Union Says No Staffer Suspended

June 10, 2015

Well sooner are later they will be caught.

Black America Web

11:15 a.m. (EDT)

Unions representing guards and civilian staff at the northern New York prison where two killers escaped say many have been questioned by investigators but none has been suspended, disciplined or charged with wrongdoing five days after the getaway was discovered.

Among them is Joyce Mitchell, an industrial training supervisor at maximum-security Clinton Correctional Facility.

Her son tells NBC that his mother, an instructor in the tailor shop where Richard Matt and David Sweat worked, wouldn’t have helped them escape.

Tobey Mitchell says his mother checked herself into a hospital Saturday with chest pains.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said the men must have had help in cutting their way through a steel cell wall and steam pipes with a power tool.

The Civil Service Employees Association says many of its 150 civilian employees have been questioned.


9:30 a.m. (EDT)

Authorities say they’re resuming searches of northern New…

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Captain America Dons a Turban

June 8, 2015

A very good insight on some view of the world.

What to Expect From Game of Thrones This Week

June 5, 2015

Last sunday show was a heart stopper hope this sunday show be just as good.


October 27, 2012

Why is it that a person like “Ann Coulter” have so much to say about nothing? It have come to my mind that she think she know about blacks peoples from her chestnuts of comment,you see I’m a black Republicans and don’t like the idea that she suppose to be a talk head for some racist republicans who were part of the south Democratic party from the old south when they were out burning cross’s back in the old days. And as far as some working class white they are the one who sit around why more of us do all the work if that was not the case then why don’t they get in the field while the sun is hot? They forget that if it were not for blacks,jews and latin immigration some of them would not be at the top! As far as a nut case like “Allen West” he just a member of a clan call “moreteasir peoples” that right that what we call peoples like them that you have in your comment about “what has Obama done for blacks”.Beside what can you do beside putting your foot in your mouth without think? Thank to people’s like Chris Matthews I’m very happy with what he is doing,beside blacks have die for this country and work hard just like everyone else. And beside name a country who pay for a war with a credit card? 


Turning off the Voter

June 14, 2011

Well it look like we are at a crossroad in the history of the American people’s where there are so many opinions that can kill a herd of grasshopper. While big Business was having a huge impact on everyday life back before 9-11 most people were in a positive mode. Now ten-year years later we have a group of people’s “Tea-party” who some-how were sleep until the too big to fail short the financial impact that they have on the lower half from the ivory tower. Well these shameless Peoples are trying to tell the bottom half that their freedoms and liberties have been encroach on, if you were to think about it one could view it as the poor is not happy being poor. Big business have multiple opportunities to enrich the world with the share wealth that they were making off the poor of the world. Not that I’m saying this could have been the reason for the end-game to 9-11, but some of us the America people s were sleeping for a while why the top half were making money for themselves and country’s who have some bad Peoples who we will call terrorist for this point of view for this time period. When you make money for other who don’t care about the people they rule then you grow hate for the one that they think is the cause of their problem namely us, the United States of Americans, now there is another group that trying to raised up, they don’t want regulation where it would stop them from getting rich off of killing the earth,air and water in the name of financial impact, think God that there were three administration who did get out of the sleep mode and try to save the lower half, but the upper half get to learn that they are the one who is encroaching on our freedom with their mind-set where they think they can scrambled the way of the world, you get to take care of the Peoples,air,water,earth even God have rules.