Pakistan Protest!

Well look who crying, are is they playing the crying game? So you want to try and tell us, that you will not go after the  outlaw’s of the world that is hiding behind woman and children? Well here is a public pronouncements for the anti-activist that don’t want to do the right thing,  we will go after those that is doing what God don’t want evil men to do by help those that are unable and unwilling to hunt down people’s that want to cont to put fore evil with their idea’s, if you read your bible you will know that there were a war in heaven and evil was cast out, for us to have a better world we have to get rid of the one’s who want to kill  other people’s so understand this whole world amazement that as free peoples of the world we will hunt down those who hurt other peoples because of they idea on how the world should be, with everything God give us,Freedom!



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